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Treasure Island Adventure: Pirate-Themed Children's Birthday

Where to celebrate a birthday party in a fun way? Of course on a pirate ‘island’. The spirit of adventure surrounds the birthday boy or girl and all the guests! Ahoy, matey! Embark on a swashbuckling adventure with a pirate-themed birthday party in Barcelona & Costa Brava.

Treasure Island Adventure: Pirate-Themed Children's Birthday by Casamiga Events
Treasure Island Adventure: Pirate-Themed Children's Birthday by Casamiga Events

Everything you've ever seen in films or read in books about pirates, we truly experience and feel it all at this birthday party with our pirate entertainers! And what's the most important thing at a pirate birthday party? That's right! Finding the hidden treasure! Go, go, go!!!

Pirate sea adventure

Pirate sea adventure begins with a search for a map, which of course will lead us to the cherished chest. But finding it is not so easy... For this, you need to learn how to do everything that a real pirate can do. First of all, we have to learn how to navigate the terrain - for this, we need a compass - there are so many amazing discoveries waiting for us!

Also, every captain should have his spyglass and it's important to know how to make one! Does everyone know the nautical terms? Every pirate should know what each part of the ship is called. Children and adults will learn playfully what is the stern, deck, keel, mast, bulb, anchor, board, cabins, and hold.

Since pirates are always at sea on their ship, it is not without rocking, and on their way they may encounter various unforeseen dangers, such as storms, waves, rain, or even Kraken. What to do in such situations? That's what we'll find out when we get into a real sea battle with the pirates!

An important test

Another important test for pirates is the ability to tie sea knots. All children take part in an interesting masterclass on making sea knots, under the guidance of a ‘professional pirate’. And of course, what pirate ship is without an original flag? Each child creates his original flag for the ship and comes up with the name of the ship, because everyone knows - what you call the ship, so it will sail!

At the end of this exciting pirate adventure, all children and adults find a chest with secret ancient treasures full of gold and jewelry. On this happy note, the birthday celebration ends with photos and fun together!


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