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A Wedding in Spain, in a wine SPA hotel

If you want to organize a passionate, fiery, emotional wedding in Spain, then this is for you.

Celebrate your winery wedding in Spain with Casamiga Events at a wine spa hotel. Experience the boutique charm of the vineyards and create the best memories. #WineryWedding #Spain #VineyardVenue
Wedding in Spain, in a wine SPA hotel | Casamiga Events

Imagine grape fields. Imagine in the middle of these fields an ancient 14th-century manor house that has been converted into a comfortable and beautiful boutique hotel, and next to it, across the street, a huge mountain with a real monastery, a historic pilgrimage site.

Or it will be a boutique hotel with a vignette that has won an award as an architectural work of art. And where it is located is already a huge treat. It's also where they make fine Spanish wine. And all of this you can rent for your exclusive event.

Not just a feast

As a rule, these hotels have many places to choose from where you can organize your celebration: in the garden, by the lake, in a banqueting hall, in a stone square among old walls, or in a hall with old columns and vaults, where you can smell the aroma of excellent wine.

And it will not just be a banquet — it will be everything that the wineries of Spain are famous for. Guests will press the grapes themselves, and participate in tastings of wines, cheeses, and olive oil. Guitar and flamenco shows will add that Spanish spirit to your celebration, and impeccable service and a great restaurant will make your event first-class.

Amazing show

Here you can have an amazing show - cooking a huge paella... this aroma and flavor will tempt any of your guests, even the pickiest. Such a boutique hotel is also good because you don't have to leave the holiday at all. You just go to sleep, and when you wake up in the morning — suddenly find yourself again on the holiday. For example, at the real fair of local delicacies. And it's a perfect combination: rural idyll and comfort with an equipped spa and professional masseurs.

Wedding program

A wonderful program designed by the wedding planners will create a harmonious and pinching mood of love, and unity with this clear blue sky and a deep understanding of the happiness of this moment.

You and your friends will simply immerse yourselves in the atmosphere of a joyous celebration, and take a little journey inside the culture and history. And it will be a part of your celebration too — with viands, musicians, and dancers that will awaken even more vivid feelings. Trust us and we will create this magical fairy tale for you. Create your unforgettable event. #WineryWedding #Spain #VineyardVenue #EventPlanning #Barcelona #CostaBrava #LloretDeMar #Girona #PlayaDAro #Spain #CasamigaEvents


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